Our know-how and the long-standing experience with the international cattle trade,our excellent cooperation with our suppliers,our outstanding service in export management and our highest demands of quality make
KLINGER the leading livestock exporter!

We export FleckviehHolstein, and Brown Swiss – breeding heifers worldwide, among others from Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Hungary, France, Poland and Slovakia. The most important cattle breeds on the export side are undisputedly Holstein and Fleckvieh (Simmental). Regardless of the breed required by you, we are able to supply the best genetics in TOP conditions due to our experience over decades – never mind if small amounts of 25 pieces or large orders up to 10,000 breeding heifers!

Fleckvieh plays, as a so-called dual-purpose breed, an important part equally in dairy and meat production and becomes increasingly crucial by its overall benefit. It is characterised by its adaptability to all production and climate conditions, as well as by its fertility, longevity and by the suitability for grazing and freestall barns. Fleckvieh is the most common cattle in Austria with some 1.7 million animals. In Germany, the number of animals is about 3.8 million animals.

The Holstein Friesian is the most popular dairy cattle breed worldwide. It represents the epitome of a high-yielding dairy cow. Germany, with its more than 2.1 million registered breeding animals, has the world’s largest population. About 125,000 animals are registered in Austria.

Brown Swiss, also called Braunvieh, is known for its frugality, adaptability and robustness.In addition, it is also in demand because of its content-rich milk and its longevity. Brown Swiss is a cattle breed emphasising on milk, whose population is140,000 cattle in Austria and 1.3 million in Germany.

Our first-class cattle have been proven worldwide by a high standard of health and best genetic performance potential.

These factors and our experience of breeding cattle export for decades make KLINGER one of the most important trade partners in the field of breeding cattle for Russia, the CIS countries,Turkey, North Africa and the Near and Middle East.


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